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All of the Things

  • Written by  Anna Thwaites
  • Wednesday, 03 April 2013 18:34
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Published in MICF 2013 Reviews  


'All of the Things' is kind of like watching your sister and her friend do the dance routine they practiced all afternoon in her bedroom, except they’re really pretty good.  

There’s an adorable, easy, best-friends-accidentally-on-stage air to the whole thing.  Isabel and Rachel bumble across the stage, bossing each other around and revealing each other’s secrets, rapping and breaking into exceptional dance routines with a glorious clumsy boldness. These two know where their charm is and they use it unashamedly. But instead of being on the outside of a pair of best friends, they’re touchingly inclusive to their audience, like the little kid who walks up to you on the street and asks you to be their friend.  

They take us through the dilemmas of dream jobs versus real jobs, awkward sexual encounters, the complications of nodding and the tragic state of not-being-Beyoncé, all with a vigorous upbeat soundtrack and plenty of dance breaks. By the end of the show their enthusiasm and fervour, make up, sweat and glitter seem to have covered everyone in a fine film of hopes and dreams and sweet, sticky, puppyish affection, as they strive to answer the question: how can they have all of the things?


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