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Lesson with Luis - Famoucity

  • Written by  Grant Busé
  • Sunday, 07 April 2013 16:42
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Published in MICF 2013 Reviews  



It’s like male Kath and Kim on crack. Famoucity is the kind of show that leaves the audience thinking “Did that really just happen?” The 2012 Raw Comedy winners have succeeded in developing a show that is quite possibly the dark horse (or kitten) of the festival.


The premise is simple. Diva and cat enthusiast Luis must finish his movie to win the World’s Most Famous Person Award at the Famous Awards in the famous town of Famoucity. To make this a reality, Luis employs the assistance of his family and the audience. Dorky dad Len plays a myriad characters with the acting finesse of a Tupperware container. In charge of props and sound effects is Luis’ brother Luelin. Without speaking a word, Luelin’s obvious disdain achieves some of the biggest laughs of the show. He is like the family member who never signed up for this nonsense.


Lessons with Luis is new age comedy at its finest. So developed are the characters and the relationships between them, that the trio doesn’t even have to write funny jokes... and they don't. The humour lies in the pandemonium that these chaos merchants brandish on their audience. The dynamic is so silly, naive and heartwarming that the joy is infectious. You walk out the door with a Luis headshot in hand and you can’t help but smile.  



Melb Town Hall - Portico Room

Thu-Sat 6pm

Sun 5pm



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